Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday morning, San Francisco.

We did it, we made a dream happen and we filled our brains with visions of an America from the movies and memories of happy times with some great people. We're coming back, we have to, we've got a new addiction.

This tour was two years of planning, a year of that arranging the details and finalising plans. It's given us headaches, stress and tension but more than that it's given us a lifetime of memories crammed into a few days. We are family now, not just friends that chatted over the internet for the past ten years or more. We have shared experiences, little jokes that no others will understand, images to remember and a whole heap of things to laugh about.

We wont list the people who helped build this dream for us, through fear of missing someone out, but we offer our heartfelt thanks to all the promoters, the people that helped flyer shows, spread the word, the other bands and DJs, the crowds that showed up. Everyone we met has been a part of something very special and there simply isn't the words to express how much it means to us.

The tour is over, Strap on Halo have two more shows to play before heading home, and the UK part of it is heading back down to west Hollywood for a few days. This diary may still be updated from there, but for now we have one last day together, and we're going to enjoy it.

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