Monday, 12 September 2016


Met up with tonight's promoters last night and took a stroll through St Pauli and The Reeperbahn to a Korean restaurant for some of the most amazing food.. we briefly lost Pete on a train as the doors closed and he went up to the next stop and back, and ended back at the hotel bar we booked for this first of two days off we have. Overall though it's going pretty smoothly.

A fairly early night in a bed that's not moving and the ground is starting to feel like it's not moving all the time, life on a bus feels like it does when you get off a long haul flight and it takes a while to settle. Having a shower is something to treasure.

Tonight we play Logo in Hamburg, then load the bus and drive overnight to Prague, an eight hour drive to another day off before we do five shows in a row. Life is good...

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