Thursday, 15 September 2016

Leaving Frankfurt

Another great show over and we're on our way to Lille. Tonight we were at Das Bett in Frankfurt where we once again experienced the fantastic European hospitality that we've got used to. Being back in the UK will be hard but we have one more show on the mainland to go before that happens.

Looking forward to playing a small cellar bar in Lille and meeting the people that run the night there. This one looks like it'll be fun.

In other news life on a bus in a small bunk is.not as hard as you'd think, I think I could do this for longer. Maybe that's to do with the company I'm keeping, as traveling and working alongside some great friends makes it seem as though time has flown by too fast, and when someone asked me tonight how many shows were left it was sad to say only three.

We'll make them count!.

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