Friday, 9 September 2016

One down..

It's 3am and I'm laying in my bunk. For a show that was nearly cancelled it was a great night, saved by the intervention of a couple of great friends Michael and Hanna who took it over and gave us a great start to the tour. Good to see friends that had travelled a long way to be there too. I'm not naming you all,  you know who you are... thank you!

So that's the first show out of the way, not perfect but who needs that? This is rock n roll! We left Cologne a while ago and have been winding down while we head overnight to Leipzig for the next gig.

Tomorrow is a long day, load In is at a 5pm and after the bands theres the aftershow that will see me finishing 6.30am. I should sleep, we all should but the excitement of having just played a show a few hours ago is too fresh so I lay here as voices and laughter drift through the bus and slowly fades as one by one people climb into their bunks and call it a day. We should be Leipzig around 6am

Goodnight Cologne.

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